The StockShare FAQ page covers various topics, including costs, support, and more, so you should be able to find most, if not all of the answers you need here. However, if you still have some unaddressed questions, feel free to get in touch with our support team or our sales consultants at


  • How much does StockShare cost ?

With StockShare there are no subscription fees, there is only a charge for successful transactions, so you only pay when you make money. 

  • Is it hard to get started with StockShare ?

It is very easy to get started, and to get the most from StockShare, there are two parts to the system. The first is your management portal which can be accessed on any device with an internet connection. The other is our retailer tablet application that enables you to engage with your customers, search product and complete transactions. 

  • Do I need hardware to use StockShare ?
You can use StockShare on your current desktop however we recommend you purchase an inexpensive Android tablet to give your customers the best experience.

  • I am not technical, will I struggle using StockShare ?
You will have no troubles getting started and operating StockShare and even if you do, our support team is on hand to help. 

  • How will I take payments when a customer orders an item ?
StockShare has two payment methods currently. You can either take the payment on the StockShare platform by inputting the customers details into the tablet or you can use Pay-by-Link. Pay-by-Link sends a link with the cart by simply entering the customers details and then sending a text to the customers phone with the Cart already populated.

  • Does StockShare require me to do any integrations ?
There are no integrations required to start using StockShare and we have developed it to be a standalone system with minimal on-boarding risk for our retail partners.

  • I don’t live in Australia, does StockShare work in my country ?
StockShare has offices in Australia. Please contact our friendly sales staff if you have any questions about our exciting expansion.

  • What happens if I get stuck, can I call someone ?

StockShare has a 7am – 9pm 7 days a week support team. Online chat is available as well.

  • Does StockShare require an internet connection ?
StockShare requires a reliable internet connection. Like everything these days, the better the connection, the better the performance for all users.

  • I have more than one physical retail store ?
StockShare has the ability to create multiple stores, that you can easily manage via the system and this includes device and user management. If you have any questions or issues configuring your store network, please contact support.